Winter Scent First Light Reed Diffuser

Winter Scent First Light Reed Diffuser

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Shake off winter fatigue and freshen your home with this clean and peppery scent.

This refreshing blend of eucalyptus and myrtle smells like a fresh wreath on the door and boughs of greenery filling your home. With both of the hero oils known for their cleansing, reviving properties this blend is everything you'll need to help shake-off the heaviness of winter. 

The peppery myrtle really shines through as the reeds soak and adds a woody, spicy note. Eucalyptus gives this blend its top note and bring freshness and brightness. 

    • Top notes: Menthol, Tea Tree
    • Heart notes: Camphor, Kino (eucalyptus resin)
    • Base notes: Pepper, Bay

    By the Botanical Candle Company

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