Sportsman Survival Kit
Sportsman Survival Kit

Sportsman Survival Kit

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Know a sporty man? This is the gift he's been hoping for.

The muscle rub is made with invigorating ginger and black pepper. The bath oil is blended with lavender, sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils.

You've worked hard, now treat yourself and your bulging biceps. Perfect after you hit the gym. Stretch those muscles and ease the tension.

Remember: muscles don't grow in the gym, it's the hours after that count.

Suitable for: Gym bunnies. Treadmill pounders. Just-joined heroes.

100% Natural - Made in the UK

For exact up to date ingredients please check the packaging.


50ml Hair and Body Wash, 50ml Everyday Oil, 10ml Energising Shower Mist, Toothbrush and 10ml Toothpaste.

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