Azure Glug Jug
Azure Glug Jug

Azure Glug Jug

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Azure Glug Jug by Gurgly

Mediterranean vibes meet your table with the Gurgly Azure Blue Glug Jug, perfect for beach houses and seaside gatherings.

It brings a wonderful 'glug glug' sound when you pour water and serves as a great conversation starter at the table.

Gurgly (established by Jane Joyce and Rosie Granger in 2023, who previously created the brand Gluggle Jug in 2009) are proud to introduce their new glug jug. Hand-crafted, exclusively for us, from durable earthenware, the jugs are versatile and can be used as a water jug, carafe, vase, utensil holder or simply as a decorative ornament. The jugs boast a high gloss finish achieved through fine, translucent glazes, making them a striking addition to any home.

Size: L

Dimensions: 1.4 litres, 28cm high


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